It’s My Birthday and I’ll Snark if I Want To

I turned 60 today.  I know, right?

I was raised in a very large, multigenerational family of Democrats, in the bluest of Blue states.  It’s my heritage; it’s who I am.  Despite that, I was often told that I’d naturally become more conservative as I grew older, because that’s what people do.  Sixty years on now and I’m still wondering when that day will occur.

Nothing is preordained.  We are the authors of our own life stories.  We determine our stories will end.  Our choices matter.  Our beliefs and convictions matter, and should not be so easily discouraged just because people say that’s what happens when time marches on.  So here are a few convictions of my own.  My blog, my birthday.

I believe the spark of divinity dwells in us all, regardless of politics or worldview.  Regardless of identity, ethnic heritage, where they come from, or who they choose to love; monogamous or poly; trans, gender fluid, or cis.  Our ultimate goal is to come together–as one people–not divide ourselves farther than we already are.  We only have this one planet.  It’s not very big, but there’s room for us all.

I believe in and fully support the 2nd Amendment.  I also believe there is no earthly reason for the private ownership of assault-grade weaponry, whose sole purpose is to kill as many people as you can, as fast as you can.  There is nothing in the Constitution to suggest even remotely that this was the Framers’ intent.  Not one word.  Anyone who disagrees is invited to point out exactly where it does.  Take your time.  I’ll wait.

I believe that anyone who discriminates against an ethnicity or culture in the name of national security has lost sight of what it actually means to be an American, or have we learned nothing since the time our Greatest Generation imprisoned 120,000 Japanese-Americans in internment camps simply because they looked–wow–Japanese?

I believe family-values evangelicals did themselves irreparable harm when they elected a president who openly refers to his daughter as a “nice piece of ass”, and boasts about grabbing women’s genitals.  How exactly do we justify that to our own daughters?  Our sons?  Our grandchildren?  How do we tell them this is okay?  Because clearly it is…  Church folk said so.

I believe refusing goods and services to anyone because of their sexual identity is not an exercise of religious freedom.  It’s just being a dick, and that’s not okay either.

I believe that patriarchy is wrong on every level.  The idea that men are gifted with ultimate authority over home and society simply because they have nads and a penis would be laughable were the results not so toxic and dehumanizing.  “The man is the man because he’s the man.”  What?  How’s that again?  And shame on anyone who has taught their daughters that this is just the way it its.

Lastly, to all who get their news from Fox, please stop.  You’re embarrassing yourselves.

So no, none of that sounds particularly conservative.  I’m still proudly Blue.  But maybe I’ll check back in another sixty years just to make sure.

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