Random Musings

Convention season is coming around again.  I can smell it already.

My flash piece “A Child’s First  Steps at the End of the World” has been picked up for publication in Quantum Muse.  Flash is one of the more difficult story forms to get right, at least it is for me.  All of my earlier attempts sounded like really bad haiku.  Can white people write good haiku?  Can white people sing gospel?  The mind reels at the vagaries of the universe…

Just spent the past few hours listening to  German death-metal.  I’m not sure, but I may have inadvertently summoned the Dark Lord.  If the apocalypse comes later today, my bad.

The Writing Experience is approved again for the spring quarter at Tacoma Community College.  At first the class ran for six weeks, and afterward I thought “That wasn’t enough time!”  I expanded it to eight weeks, adding new material.  When it concluded I yowled “OMG!  I thought that would NEVER end!”  So now I’ve cut it back to six weeks but am keeping the added material.  I just need to figure out how to squeeze it all in.  Bonus points if my favorite student Dennis enrolls again, because he brings candy.

My new favorite phrase is “What is this fuckery?”  It sounds properly Shakespearean.

As always, more to follow…




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