Crime and Lubrication

My laptop was stolen the week before Christmas.  I know!  Other things were taken as well but they got my freaking laptop!  And of course it contained all of my published and in-process manuscripts, notes, story outlines, character sheets, maps…  You name it, I probably had it.  What’s the risk of identity theft when compared to that?  Damn right.

Everything had been regularly backed-up on a flashdrive so nothing’s really gone, but still.  One flash drive.  One.  Without it the game would truly be over.  (Yes I have hard copies too but they’re paper.  Paper!)  So now I’m fretting about back-ups to the back-up.  Are three drives enough?  Nine?  Thirteen?  One stashed in the sock drawer, one in the kitchen with our secret herbs and spices.  Maybe a few tucked among the plastic sleeves of my Silver Age comics, or in one of those drug-mule cavity baggies if I can muster up the courage.  At least I’d always know where they are.  Maybe all that’s required for some peace of mind is a little squirt of lube.  I wonder if I should trim a bit first…        

One response to “Crime and Lubrication

  1. The cloud is your friend. I work off of five different programs: Simplenote, Pages (iWork on the iPad automatically backs up to iCloud), Notes, Dropbox and Google Drive. Then I back everything up on the home computer. But no matter what happens to any of my devices, nothing is lost. That’s my recommendation.

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