Strange New Worlds

Hokey smokes, lots of stuff past and future coming down the pike.  Panels and teaching opportunities, which I surely enjoy.

MisCon 30: Missoula, MT

  • May 28 6:00pm – Exploit Your Inner Fears
  • May 29 12:00pm – Fiction Slam Reading
  • May 29 1:00pm – Not Your Average Short Story Panel
  • May 29 5:00pm – Depicting Emotions in Fiction
  • May 29 6:00pm – Fair Coin
  • May 30 11:00am – Writing Part-Time

Write in the Harbor 2016: Tacoma Community College; Gig Harbor, WA

  • Nov 5 9:30am – The Hero’s Journey
  • Nov 5 11:30am – Science Fiction: Worldbuilding
  • Nov 5 3:00pm – Writing Short Fiction

OryCon 38: Portland, OR

  • Nov 18-20  Programming schedule pending to be determined

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